Bonnaroo Photography

I attended Bonnaroo in Summer 2015. I showered beside my car with a water jug. I pitched a tent. A random man fell asleep by my car after Mumford & Sons ended their show. I ate like 20 pb&j sandwiches because the food was so expensive. I once looked up at a cloud and  told my friend “That cloud looks like Ariel’s dad from The Little Mermaid’s. What was his name?” A fellow Bonnarovian replied, “King Triton.” To which I was very thankful they ended my distress.

“We’re all friends on the farm,” is a popular Bonnaroo slogan. And it couldn’t be more true. People cooked for me, bought me coffee, let me ride in the golf-cart taxi with them for free; it’s a sort of utopian world you just can’t experience anywhere else. Though at times it can be hell (literally, it’s so hot) I am so happy I went.

Here’s a few of my snapshots below.




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